A2geeks is volunteer driven: Our Board of Directors devote time, energy and skill to support A2Geeks' sponsored and supported projects. Appointed in two-year terms with the opportunity to renew allow for new faces and skill sets to emerge as well as for past directors to leave feeling like they've made a difference.  


Mohan Kartha - Treasurer

Mohan Kartha - Treasurer

Mohan Kartha co-founded his current consulting firm, Syntech Development in 1998 to leverage Internet, Database, Virtualization, and Cloud technologies to build innovative solutions in many business domains including Internet-of-Things Automation, Mobile IoT and Telematics, Alternative Energy, Biotech and Genomic Analysis, BigData Analysis and Visualization, and Internet security.

Most recently, Mr. Kartha has been building cloud-hosted industrial and consumer Internet-of-Things (IoT) solutions, Mobile/Wearable IoT and Telematics systems, and developing  open-source IoT devices and solutions.  He is currently consulting with a number of startup companies and partnered in some new IoT startup product/service ventures.

Thea Augustina Eck - President

Thea Augustina Eck - President

Thea is current President of A2Geeks (2017-2019). She is a mixed media artist and owner of Hosta Designs and Consulting, which specializes in CNC design/fabrication in wood and education/training. Thea has worked for ShopBot Tools Inc. in their education department, assisted professional artists, served as Maker Works' first employee and other visual art-related jobs. She co-organizes the Ann Arbor Mini Maker Faire and is involved in other art-related events. Thea is passionate about 18th-early 20th century polar exploration history and enjoys gardening and building things for her husband and daughter.

Zach Steindler

Zach Steindler


Zach Steindler has helped out with many meetups and events in Ann Arbor over the years. He's co-founded meetups (CoffeeHouseCoders) and companies (Olark). When he isn't working he enjoys camping and biking, sometimes at the same time. His favorite hobbies often involve making computers do unusual things, like woodworking or drawing aperiodic tilings. If you have five minutes, ask him why hexagons are way cooler than squares.

Ryan Burns founded Ignite Ann Arbor in 2009. He was President of A2Geeks from 2011 to 2015, and has worked on a number of events including ArbCamp and Avalanche. He is an electrical engineer working with electronics and FPGAs, and is generally interested in many topics, including cooking and space exploration.

Ryan Burns - past President

Ryan Burns - past President

Josh Williams - Secretary 



Past Board Members:

Patti Smith

Jim Deakin

Emily Puckett Rodgers

Dale Grover

Bob Stack

David Bloom

Chad Crabtree

Anthony Oliver

Greg Austic

Peter Baker