Ignite Ann Arbor 10 2015-11-13

Join us on Friday the 13th at Robertson Aud, Ross School of Business, for Ignite Ann Arbor 10!

Please RSVP at igniteannarbor.eventbrite.com

If you had five minutes on stage what would you say? What if you only got 20 slides and they rotated automatically after 15 seconds? Around the world geeks have been putting together Ignite nights to show their answers. We consider geekery to equal passion, so we’re looking for food geeks, tech geeks, business geeks, music geeks, art geeks, history geeks, etc to come and share their stories.

Peering Towards the Beginning of Time with the Hubble Space Telescope
Keren Sharon
Tinder and Urban UX design
Rachel Jaffe@racheljaffe13
Elizabeth Ann Gray
I am the Commuting Pope: Transportation Sins and Salvation
Nancy Shore@getdowntown
The theory and practice of going from wantrepreneur to entrepreneur
Steven Sherman@shermanfarms
From the Depths of AADL… The Secret Lab!
Anne Drozd@secretlab
Why Your Street Should Have Its Own Newspaper
Lucy Tobier

Everybody Trolls Sometimes
Lindsay Blackwell@linguangst
Changing The Way Fashionistas Pay It Forward: Making Them Give Back Even If They Don’t Want To
Jordette Singleton@ShopUnitedFront
Your World, Crushed Flat
Ry4an Brase@ry4an
Love and Lost Hair- An Inside Look at Healing From Cancer
Michelle Massey Barnes@mmbimagery
Crowd-sourcing your Job Interview
Suleman Diwan@sulemandiwan
The CIA As a Startup: Some Thoughts on Building Institutions, the Dangers of Early-Stage Partnerships, and Disappointing Your Customers
Jordan Birnholtz@brnhltz
Unequal Justice for All
Vanessa Cheris@vcheris
Where There’s a Will….How to Enjoy Shakespeare
Nan Bauer@nanettesfeast.com