AADND: New Tools for the Web

The Ann Arbor .Net Developers group is having another JavaScripty meeting tonight. Kevin Dangoor, product manager for developer tools at Mozilla, will be talking about tools for web developers. This talk is largely the same as the one from 1DevDay Detroit. Here’s the synopsis:

Web applications having been getting increasingly sophisticated over the past couple of years. As usual, developers are pushing the boundaries of what the web can do faster than people can make tools to support their work. In-browser tools in all of the major browsers and IDEs have been charging forward, though. They provide a bunch of new capabilities to get things done quicker, and I’ll show off some of these new tricks and toys. I’ll also talk about where I think the tools fall short.

UPDATE:  The .NET developers group can be found at http://aadnd.org/ and they meet 2nd Wednesday, Monthly at SRT Solutions