Be a part of the fun.


A2Geeks sponsors and organizes events around Ann Arbor.



AACME (Ann Arbor Creativity and Making Expo)

An annual Do-it-Yourself Carnival

Previously called the A2 Mini Maker Faire, bring your home made robot, learn to solder, walk on oobleck, build and race a stock car, see a supersonic ping-pong ball. Revel in the power to make your world.

Ignite Ann Arbor

5 minutes, 20 slides, what would you say?

Ignite speakers get 5 minutes and 20 slides to talk about something they're passionate about. We've hosted 10 Ignite events in Ann Arbor since 2009, presenting over 100 talks.


Ignite UX

Learn SomeThing. Drink Something

Ignite UX Michigan is an evening of 5 minute talks on a range of user experience related topics in downtown Ann Arbor.

Geek Tours

Geeks want to get in there and see how things work. Who gave them our address?

We arrange periodic tours of interesting spaces, such as the Peach Mountain Radio Telescope, WCBN, AADL Old News Archives, Washtenaw Water Treatment Plant and more!